Pícaro restaurant was born in autumn 2018 by the hand of chef Guillermo Ramírez, a space in which Ramírez tries to capture his international gastronomic experience in dishes that are mostly designed to be shared.

The kitchen that you will find in Pícaro is modern but dotted with traditional influences. The restaurant is located in the center of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and is located on the emblematic Avenida Mesa y López.

As the name suggests, the gastronomic offer presents dishes full of mischief, designed to share in the middle of the table. This transforms the Spanish concept of “pica-pica” and takes a step forward, while creating a comfortable and special atmosphere for diners. The menu offers markedly modern style dishes and also more traditional proposals.

The sum of the local gastronomic offer and the treatment given to the client, served in a relaxed environment, serve to transmit our philosophy to those who visit us, characterized by seeking maximum customer satisfaction throughout the Pícaro experience.

Guillermo Ramírez

The grancanarian chef Guillermo Ramírez has trained and worked in some of the best restaurants in the world.

Born and raised in a family with constant links to gastronomy, after finishing his cooking studies at the prestigious Hoffmann School in Barcelona in 2016 he gained experience in the renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen under the guidance of Chef René Redzepi, recognized on several occasions as the best restaurant in the world and leader of the Nordic gastronomic revolution.

Not happy with this, Guillermo continued his apprenticeship at Pier 51 in Stuttgart. After this journey through northern Europe, Guillermo moves to Bangkok, Thailand, to continue growing in Gaggan, which in 2018 is consolidated as the best restaurant in Asia for the fourth consecutive year, ranking 7th in the world ranking.

In 2017 he returns home to translate everything he has learned in the form of dishes, in charge of the cuisine of the well-known restaurant de Cuchara in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to make the leap to Pícaro, his first personal project as a chef, perfectly combining avant-garde with the tradition of local cuisine.